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Getting Rollovers Right

You have options for rolling over funds when you retire, change jobs or if you simply want to consolidate accounts. Watch this video to learn more and find out how we’ve simplified the process.


Whether you’re changing employers or it’s time to retire, both are significant life events that can present difficult decisions.

For employees with a 401(k) retirement plan, one decision to make is: “What should I do with my retirement savings?”

Essentially, there are three options:

  1. Stay in your current retirement plan
  2. Rollover to a new retirement plan
  3. Cash out, which can expose your savings to taxes, penalties and fees

Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, and no single option is right for everyone. The choice often depends on individual circumstances; and the need for simplicity, flexibility and security.

If you decide to roll an existing plan’s assets into your Mutual of Omaha Retirement Services 401(k), we’re here to help.

We have a dedicated team of rollover specialists with the knowledge and experience to streamline the process and help you:

  • Initiate a rollover distribution from an existing plan
  • Complete all the required paperwork and get the funds accurately reinvested into your Mutual of Omaha Retirement Services plan

Just call our Rollover Assistance Center at 800-679-6019 or email us at rollovers@mutualofomaha.com

Or, if you’re comfortable with doing it yourself, access our rollover form.



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