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401(k) Rollover Assistance

Information on how participants can get help rolling over assets from a previous employer's 401(k) into their current plan.

To speak with a representative, call 800-679-6019 (Option 2).

Whether you’re changing jobs, or starting retirement, Mutual of Omaha Retirement Services provides the information and support you need to make the right decision about your 401(k).

One. Two. Three. That’s how easy it is to move your 401(k) money to a Mutual of Omaha plan. But consider all your options:

Stay in Your Current 401(k) Plan

Make no changes, keep your current retirement savings in place.

Advantages: No action required, stays tax deferred, access to investments that may not be available outside that plan.

Rollover to a New Retirement Plan

Transfer your 401(k) savings from your previous employer’s plan to your new employer’s plan or into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Advantages: Loans may be allowed, wide range of investment options, ability to consolidate multiple accounts, investments remain tax deferred.

Cash Out

Liquidate your account into cash

Advantages: Money is immediately available and can be used for expenses. Income tax and early withdrawal penalties may apply.

Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. The option you choose will likely depend on your circumstances; your tolerance for taxes, penalties and fees; and your requirements for simplicity, flexibility and security.